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    JUFA PIGMENT at American Coatings Show 2014

    Release time:2021-05-06 11:33:17popularity:

    American Coatings Show (2014) was successfully held at Atlanta,GA during 8-10th April.

    For Jufa Pigment,it is the second time to attend American Coatings Show,we met a lot of customers from North America,South America,and some customers from other countries,such Australia,New Zealand,Japan,Germany...etc.This show is really great and productive,which help a lot in promoting Complex Inorganic Color Pigments and build a good business relationship with our customers,especially for USA market.Will continue to support American Coatings Show.Now let's enjoy some photos for our show.

    JUFA PIGMENT at American Coatings Show 2014(图1)

    JUFA PIGMENT at American Coatings Show 2014(图2)

    JUFA PIGMENT at American Coatings Show 2014(图3)

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