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    European Coatings Show closes with new record highs

    Release time:2021-05-06 11:01:02popularity:

    With 1,024 exhibitors from 42 countries and around 28,500 trade visitors representing nearly 110 nationalities,European Coatings Show (21st-23th Arpil 2015) closed with new record highs–despite strike-related train cancellations throughout Germany. The leading trade fair thus underscored its position as an international meeting place for the global coatings industry. The world’s largest industry show for the paint and coatings industry occupied seven halls in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg and once again impressed with innovative products and knowledge transfer at the highest level. 

    We,Hunan Jufa Technology Co.,Ltd.(Booth No.:7-517.2) present the latest products-Hybrid Pigments and regular products-Mixed Metal Oxide Pigments (MMO Pigments) for paints and coatings industries,which with excellent performance on high-temperature resistance,eco-friendly,weather resistance,chemical resistance.This great show really helps a lot for our oversea business development.

    European Coatings Show closes with new record highs(图1)

    European Coatings Show closes with new record highs(图2)

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