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    Cadmium Yellow

    Release time:2021-06-07 10:53:43Popularity:

    Chemical  Name: Cadmium Yellow

    Color Index: Pigment Yellow 37/ P.Y.37

    C.I . No. : 77199

    CAS No. : 68859-25-6

    Chemical  Composition: CdS·ZnS

    Suggested Application

    1) Paints,coatings: Exterior coating, fluorocarbon coating, industrial coating, coil coating, powder coating, high-temperature paint...etc.

    2) Plastic: PVC, engineering plastic, masterbatch...etc.

    3) Ceramics: Daily-use ceramics, architectural ceramics, ceramic works, engineering ceramics...etc.(on-glaze, under-glaze).

    4) Enamelware: Daily-use enamelware, industrial enamel, architectural enamelware...etc.(on-glaze,under-glaze).

    5) Building material:Colored sand ,concrete...etc.

    Physical Properties
    AppearanceBright Lemon Yellow Powder
    Seived Residues on mesh 325     0.11%
    Moisture Content  0.18%
    Water soluble salt       0.24%

    Fastness Properties
    Heat resistance(°C)       ≥700
    Light fastness (grade 1-8 )      7
    Weather fastness (grade 1-5 )  5
    Oil Absorption             g/100g16-23
    PH Value7

    Recommended information